How to sell on Houzz Marketplace

Av Vibeke Specht, Jun 16, 2018 09:53


How can I sell via Houzz Marketplace? Is there a plugin for my e-commerce platform?

Are you an online retailer who thinks that a Scandinavian marketplace* for the largest community of purchase-happy interior design shoppers sounds like Christmas? Then this post is for you.

Simply explained, there are two ways of selling via Houzz. The first way is simple to explain but difficult to do—at least in the long run. The second way is difficult to explain but a much better way of operating in practice.

The First Way of Selling via Houzz

To become one of the sellers on Houzz Marketplace, you first have to go to and let the platform know that you want to join the party. You can do that here.

Once you have become a registered seller, you can just get started. There is a lot of great content on the Internet where you can get step-by-step tips. This film clip, for example, shows you how to pack and send a shipment.


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The Second Way of Selling via Houzz

If you are an online retailer who expects your inbound order volume from Houzz to be large, it can be rather difficult to manage all your delivery challenges manually, outside of your regular warehouse management system (WMS), your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, or your e-commerce platform.

You are most likely hoping that either Houzz or your IT partner has already developed a plugin so you can integrate your Houzz business with your regular business. If there is a plugin available, you can transfer products from your own online store to Houzz. Your orders from Houzz will also be marked and converted into shipments in its own special flow, separate from your other flows.

There are currently Houzz plugins for Magento and Shopify, among others. The carrier and logistics company, UPS, also has an integration for Houzz.

Are you unsure if your software supplier has an official connection to Houzz? Contact them and ask. If “no one” has created a smart and relevant connection, you can do it yourself or ask your IT supplier to do it.

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*Houzz established itself on the Swedish market in 2015. Houzz Marketplace is on its way too, although the Swedish headquarters in London cannot say when just yet.