Houzz and the Logistics

Av Vibeke Specht, Jun 15, 2018 09:55

Do you want to sell via Houzz, the largest community in the world for home improvement and interior design? Then you need to be in control of your logistics operations. In this article, you will learn what demands Houzz makes on your deliveries.*

Houzz contains many photos of warehouses that have been converted into gorgeous homes, but unlike Amazon, Houzz does not have any warehouses of its own. There is no “Fulfillment by Houzz.” If you want to sell your products via Houzz Marketplace, you have to handle picking and packing the orders, logistics management, and everything else concerning your supply chain yourself.

Houzz Demands a Lot from Your Logistics

Houzz makes high demands. If you are going to be a good and high-ranking member of Houzz Marketplace, your logistics operations need to run smoothly.

  1. Deliver in time ›› Houzz demands that 98% of the orders meet the promised lead time. By “lead time,” Houzz means the time it takes for an order to be converted into a shipment, meaning the time it takes from when the order comes in to when it is ready to be shipped out. In other words, the information that answers the question: When will my order be shipped? Houzz demands that you keep the lead times you have stated or you will be penalized in their ranking.
  2. Undamaged packaging and products ›› The damaged or defective deliveries must be less than 2%.
  3. Few cancellations ›› Preferably, your customers should never cancel an order. Not more than 2% of your inbound orders can be cancelled. At least, not because the orders were out of stock, not shipped on time, or the customer found the product at a lower price somewhere else. Houzz expects you to be able to keep up with the competition.
  4. Not too many returns ›› If more than 2% of your orders are returned because the products did not meet the buyer’s expectations, that will affect your ranking. Make sure, therefore, that the description is faithful and accurate.
  5. Exemplary customer service, seven days a week ›› You have to answer your customers’ questions about, for example, delivery status within 24 hours, every day of the week. A buyer can request a refund if their problem is not solved in time. It is thus important that the customer is well and continuously informed about the product and the delivery.
  6. Good customer reviews ›› At Houzz, customers can review your company in two ways: They can review both your products and the shopping experience they had when they ordered the product from you. If you are awarded four or five out of five stars, Houzz will boost your ranking, and the reviews will be shown on your Houzz page—your digital shop window on Houzz Marketplace.

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Great Logistics Does Not Only Matter for Houzz

Regardless of whether you are selling or want to sell via Houzz or not, good logistics and smooth deliveries are crucial to your e-commerce business. Download the PDF How to improve Your Deliveries and learn how you can convert more customers through your e-commerce store.


*Houzz Marketplace—It is not possible to sell via Houzz’s platform in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia—yet. But it is only a matter of time before it will be, and the company will most likely make demands on your deliveries and logistics that are similar to those it makes.


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