Delivery Management System – A Swiss Pocket Knife for Efficient Logistics.

Av Mikael Cederholm, Apr 22, 2024 10:49

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There's a lot of talk about DMSs (Delivery Management Systems) in the logistics industry, but what exactly are they? And what do they do? Many people ask themselves these questions, but the answers can be challenging to understand. That's why we'll explain this concept in a way everyone can understand.

But before we get started, we need to clarify one thing: transport management systems, transport booking systems, and freight booking systems are all names for the same thing we call them DMS for short.


What is a DMS?

A DMS, short for Delivery Management System, is a digital platform and software streamlining and coordinating all transport management. The system can book shipments, create shipping notes, track shipments, receive delivery notifications, and analyse transport data.

Yes, this is a shorter and more formal explanation of a DMS. Nevertheless, we're not satisfied yet. Let's compare it to something we all know - a Swiss pocket knife!


A DMS can be compared to a Swiss Pocket Knife.

Now imagine instead a Swiss Pocket knife—packed with tools for all sorts of situations. It has a knife, scissors, screwdriver, bottle opener, and saw!

Like this versatile knife, a DMS is a real problem solver for transport management. It can automatically book shipments, create correct shipping notes, handle incorrect addresses, track shipments that have gone astray, or analyse data on delayed deliveries.


Just like a Swiss Pocket knife, a DMS is:

Powerful: A DMS system can easily handle thousands of shipments per day, transporting both small parcels and full containers - and is not afraid of order peaks

Organised: With a transport booking system, you have everything you need to manage your logistics in one place.

Flexible: You only choose the functions you need and tailor the system to your needs and requirements.

Versatile: You can use it for various tasks, from booking shipments and managing inventory to invoicing and customs clearance.

Reliable: Your transport management system (DMS) is always ready to help you with your logistics needs.

Efficient: A DMS automates many of your transport processes, saving you time and money.

Simple: A well-integrated DMS works invisibly as part of your business system, making it easy for small businesses and logistics giants alike to get started.

Curious to learn more about DMSs?

We hope you now have a better and more precise picture of a Delivery Management System (DMS) and its functions. As you can read between the lines, a DMS has many advantages. Whether you run a small e-commerce store or a large transportation company, it can streamline your transportation management and simplify your daily work.

Are you curious to know more? Read more about the benefits of a DMS. And, of course, you are welcome to contact us—we have been experts in DMS since 1992 and are passionate about giving people what they need, when and where they need it.