Send your package by bus

Av Vibeke Specht, Oct 17, 2019 12:17

Delivery management Transport management

Bussgods, a Swedish logistics company that ships packages by bus, is part of LogTrade’s basic carrier selection. A great option for companies who are into sustainable transportation and want to ship to Norrland, the northernmost part of Sweden.

Bussgods is an integrated part of LogTrade’s carrier selection. This means, among other things, that those of you who are already using LogTrade will find Bussgods as one of your so-called preconfigured carriers. This means that shipments sent via Bussgods can already be managed directly from LogTrade and your ERP system. Somewhat like a plug-and-play option.

Bussgods operates all throughout Sweden. It is especially active on the last mile stretches of Norrland and other sparsely populated parts of the country. It both ships goods and transports passengers at the same time.

If you are already using LogTrade as your digital logistics system today and want to add Bussgods as one of your carriers, the situation will get even simpler. You will be able to skip several steps when printing shipping labels.