LogTrade + Alexa = Magic

Av Fredrik Svedberg, Nov 02, 2017 09:00

Inspiration Digitization

LogTrade is now fully integrated with Alexa, which means that Amazon's AI brain (a.k.a. Alexa) can handle LogTrade as a skill. We are pretty excited for this demonstration.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the future of transport management and digital logistics is here, and this is a close-up of what it looks like.

The following videos have been recorded by and feature our excellent development team: Martin Åkesson, Product Manager, and Ludvig Svedberg, Developer. They are the brains behind the voice recognition integration.

If you are a LogTrade customer, the skills are fully functioning integrations that will work seamlessly with your account ― even right from the start if you want. Contact us and we will help you get set up.


In this video, Alexa is asked to create a parcel shipment.



And in this one, Alexa is told to create a pallet shipment.



Here, we say: "Alexa, print a shipment from an order in the ERP system."



"Alexa, create a shipment as a home delivery.”



If you are a consumer/receiver this one comes in handy for you. Just ask: "Alexa, do I have any packages?" 



Alexa is not limited to just one person’s voice. Here is a video when Martin and Ludvig creates a shipment together to illustrate this.



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