Get a Package Hub

By Vibeke Specht, Oct 23, 2019 12:26

As a LogTrade customer and online retailer, you can now get all the benefits of a physical store without owning a “real” store.

LogTrade is developing a concept called The Point, together with various property owners all around Sweden. The Point can be a greatly upgraded version of Sweden’s traditional package pickup point system at the local grocery store or convenience store, such as at Leveriet in Malmö and at Sickla Shopping Center in Stockholm, and at E-way in Burlöv.

Like Online Shopping, but Better

The Point concept can be described as a network of package hubs, where retailers who want to reach their customers quicker are offered enhanced end-point storage, which is like a mini 3PL, and also showrooms.

Is Enhanced End-Point Storage for You?

Does your company have products where sales increase at certain times of the year or during certain seasons? In that case, you can save money using the enhanced end-point storage service at Leveriet and E-way, for example.

What this means is that you can send a number of products that have a short shelf-time in advance.

How Much Does it Cost?

You pay the shipping to the extended end-point storage location, storage space, and for picking and packing. For most, this will be a cost-efficient solution compared to what they pay for shipping and storage today.

In addition to this, processing your returns will be much more efficitent since any returns can be sold again directly from the packaging hub.


If you want to know more about enhanced end-point storage or showrooms, please contact Pontus Berg at LogTrade.

New Retail


  • Will not be limited to only one carrier, such as PostNord or DHL, in the future.
  • Allows your customers to have all their packages sent to one and the same The Point location.
  • Has a showroom and space where customers can open their packages and recycle the packaging.
  • Has staff that helps with managing returns and recycling packaging.
  • Allows customers to decide whether to take their items home themselves or receive a home delivery. 
  • Has so-called enhanced end-point storage behind the scenes where you can send goods in advance for the holiday season, for example, so your customers can pick up certain orders 10 minutes after placing them.
  • Has a showroom where you can display a selection of your products.