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Av Karl Björk, Nov 16, 2017 08:00

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The message was clear at Radar Summit 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden: The IT business finds itself at an all-time high right now thanks to a powerful digitization wave, so take advantage of the opportunities by automating the workflows at your company.

Whichever way an executive turns, he or she must consider information technology and the air it breathes—digitization—as one of the most important tools for growth and competitiveness. At this year’s Radar Summit, Hans Werner, CEO at Radar, pointed to automatization and digitization, among other things, as the tools companies should keep at the ready if they want to be stronger and better at what they are doing and are passionate about—no company in any industry can escape this.


Digitization? Yes Please, but First a Large Dose of Inspiration

The message might seem rather old at this point for those of us that eat, sleep, and live IT. But that does not make it any less true or relevant. On the contrary, the time for action has never been more pressing. The art is in doing it well and with the right help.

One simple first step forward can be to let yourself be inspired at events such as the largest meeting-ground for IT decision-makers in Sweden: Radar Summit.

With more than 700 participants and an impressive list of keynote speakers, this year’s Summit was bursting at the seams with IT goodies. It is difficult to do Radar Summit 2018 justice in a blog post; let us, therefore, gossip about the quality of the event by listing some quotes from the speakers that deserve their time in the spotlight. (Freely quoted from memory.)

This is what Marc Andersen, global influentionalist and former advisor for Barack Obama, said:

We will soon have a completely new type of hardware thanks to the development of the new chip. The computer will develop from executing millions of instructions to proactively educating and enlightening us about the unknown.


China wants to kill Ericsson in the same way they have already killed seven other fantastic companies, such as Motorola, for example.


And on the subject of cybersecurity:

“It is, unfortunately, just going to get worse since the number of Internet Bad Guys is increasing rapidly.”


Patrick Couch, expert on artificial intelligence and cognitive technology at IBM, strongly suggested that you:

Read the White Paper about AI from Guruduth Banavar.


Thank You for the Invitation, iCore. We will See You Again Next Year, Radar Summit

LogTrade was represented at the Summit by Karl Björk, who was invited by our partner, iCore. iCore is an extremely skilled expert at systems integrations. Together with the data analyst, Bisnode, iCore organized a great workshop on the subject of efficient integrations. During the workshop, they shared their knowledge on how cost-efficient integrations can be used to support company work processes.

In the photo above, you see Karl Björk together with iCore friends Fredrik Conradsson and Annika Jörs.

Thank You For the Invitation, iCore. We will See You Again Next Year, Radar Summit.

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