Bitlog at Berns

Av Marcus Wigren, Sep 20, 2017 08:00

Warehouse Management System Fairs and events

When Bitlog invites us to Berns in Stockholm, who are we to say no? Especially when it is an invitation to a festive presentation of their latest warehouse management system, Bitlog WMS 4.0.

Bitlog is one of the most interesting developers of smart warehouse management systems (WMS). What do you think, for example, about the Voice Pick feature that enables you as a warehouse worker to voice control order picking?

During the event on Tuesday 9/19, the focus was on Bitlog WMS 4.0, which is the latest version of its warehouse management system, as well as on Bitlog Express for up to five users, which makes it possible for you to get the integration set up and running quickly in several different cloud-based ERP systems. There is much high-quality developing behind Bitlog WMS 4.0, and it can be integrated into most major ERP systems.

LogTrade took part in the event as a partner and exhibitor. We had a good time at Berns, not just because Bitlog and we have many joint customers, but also because we felt genuinely appreciated. There is a strong craving for smart cloud-based solutions, and our joint customers want tighter and smarter integrations between the WMS and the freight- and transport management processes.

We think it is very exciting that Bitlog’s solutions can run on Apple’s devices and that it uses Apple’s new programming language, Swift. It is very efficient and brings great performance while at the same time it is rather unique.

There were approximately one hundred guests invited to the event. Half of them were current Bitlog customers. In addition to pleasant conversations with interesting companies and people, the comedian and moderator, Janne Bylund, served us a large portion of logistics, and IT-based humor.

LogTrade thanks Bitlog for a well-organized and pleasant event.

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